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Residence Sacre Coeur2 is the only Czech project to become a finalist in the Best Residential Real Estate category in the international MIPIM AWARDS 2017 real estate competition, which is a very prestigious award of worldwide importance. You can find more information about the MIPIM 2017 International real estate competition HERE.

All flats are CURRENTLY sold. There are still commercial areas sale or long-term lease, which are located on the ground floor and suitable for offices, sale of products and services, etc.

The building has a horseshoe-shaped layout with six entrances and a total of 6 above-ground floors. As well as 8 lofts located on the first two floors, the third to fifth floors contain a total of 72 flats ranging in size from 1 room + kitchenette to 6 rooms + kitchenette and 5 penthouses on the roof of the building. The two underground floors contain the cellars and storages areas and a total of 109 parking places with an entrance from Kobrova ulice. There are also 19 outdoor parking places in front of the reception area to the Residences.


The flats in the Residence Sacre Coeur2 project are distinguished by their uniquely designed layout. Where others fumble and offer dark corridors full of doors, we design a modern space for living, with full of light and interesting solutions. We are not talking about the penthouses and maisonette lofts, we are talking about standard flats, the quality and conceptual design of which surpasses other offers from residential projects by far. Each of the flats in the Residence Sacre Coeur2 project has a spacious lobby with place for a cloakroom or built-in wardrobe. The unit also includes a utility room for a washing machine and shelf storage system.

All the flats in the Residence Sacre Coeur2 project are divided into two zones – living and private. Each living zone has its own WC with basin, which is appreciated not only by the owners of the flats but also their guests. The bedroom, children’s room and other rooms are located in the private zone of the unit. Flats with 3 rooms + kitchenette and 4 rooms + kitchenette have 2 bathrooms as a standard, one always adjoins the parent’s bedroom. The option of pleasant seating on the balcony or the terrace enhances the experience of summer evenings.


Two-floor lofts are a phenomenon, where passion and style are hidden. These undoubtedly represent the incarnation of liberty and spatial freedom, with absolutely no restriction of limits. The spacious living room with a ceiling height of over 5 metres attracts attention with its airiness and beautiful view of the Prague panorama. The bedrooms are located in the calm zone of the inner atrium of the building. During the warm summer evenings, you can enjoy a pleasant time in the gardens, which belongs to each maisonette.


The penthouses are villas with a roof garden and terrace. They are a blank sheet of paper, an open space, in which the client can design anything he likes with the help of an interior architect. The unit naturally is prepared for a fireplace, a Jacuzzi on the terrace, extensive storage space, the required number of parking places, priority lift call service for going down. There are no limits to your creativity, on the contrary, we are always prepared to hear out our client's wishes. The concept for each of the five penthouses also includes large glazing interior, which offer owners panoramic views of Prague and also supply the interior with an unusual amount of air and brightness. Each of the rooftop villas has a spacious terrace of an area ranging from 190 to 380 m2, which is the ideal place for sitting and relaxing or eating dinner under the open air.


One hundred people, one hundred opinions and also one thousand options.

A lot of attention was also focused on security and therefore the common areas and the surroundings of the Sacre Coeur2 Residences are monitored by camera system. A non-stop reception area with receptionist is located on the ground floor by the building entrance, where residents can make any request, from arranging shopping delivery, to childcare, walking their dog, etc.


You can find information about the booking fee, individual payments and financing options HERE.

If you are considering using a mortgage to finance selected real estate you can use our mortgage calculator for an approximate calculation. HYPOASISTENT has prepared special benefits for this project – free appraisal of the flat, discounts on interest rates and a zero processing fee. The mortgage specialist will be happy to advise you and will prepare calculation of a mortgage from any bank. For more information go to www.hypoasistent.cz.


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