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The Laurová Residence represents the perfect combination of practicality and elegance, boasting modern architecture with a focus on high quality and meticulous finishing details.

Integrating the essence of the location through its mass and scale, the residence harmonizes with the surrounding environment and views, which specific parts are oriented towards. It showcases an urban character while respecting the original elements of the periphery. Situated in the "inner city" locality, the residence forms a compact block that respects the existing street grid, seamlessly blending with its facades.


The new building is located between the streets Na Laurové, Radlická, Na Neklance, and an unnamed road in Prague 5 - Smíchov. It offers residential units ranging from 1+kk to 5+kk layouts, with sizes ranging from 31 m2 to 204 m2, featuring balconies, loggias, terraces, or front gardens. Additionally, there are commercial spaces available from 34 m2 to 226 m2 in the attractive locality of Prague - Smíchov.

The clean and functional architecture of the project draws inspiration from the neighborhood's history and the proximity to natural areas, with views of Peacock Hill and Vyšehrad.


The Laurová Residence consists of eight above-ground floors and two underground levels with an inserted technical mezzanine. The residential units are divided into five sections, labeled A to E, each with a separate entrance to the residence. Thanks to the façade modeling, the residential units have eastern exposure and better views of the street, partially overlooking Vyšehrad.

The surrounding area within the inner block is designed with low fencing and a gate, creating a private space exclusively for residents, adorned with garden landscaping and greenery. On the rooftop of the 6th floor, there is a shared communal rooftop garden called SKY TOP featuring lush greenery and incorporating the building's technological features. The residence boasts a prestigious entrance hall, 24/7 reception services, a meeting room for private discussions, as well as communal areas for strollers, bicycles, and scooters.


From architectural design, obtaining zoning approval, to subsequent building permit issuance, a tender process for the general contractor of the construction, including construction supervision, is underway with a binding deadline for final inspection. Then, the completed building is handed over, and preparations begin for the transfer of residential and non-residential units to end clients for their use.

Zoning proceedings
1. Q 2022
Building proceedings
1. Q 2024
2. Q 2024
1. Q 2027
Turnover to clients
2. Q 2027

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