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Hrnčíře lies in the spring area of the Kunratický Creek, with its most valuable part being the ponds protected as the natural monument of Hrnčířské Meadows. Worth noting is the Gothic church of St. Procopius from the 13th century, which was rebuilt in the Baroque style and is one of the oldest preserved buildings in today's Prague. Due to the construction of new family houses in recent years, this location has become a pleasant place to live with rich civic amenities such as primary and nursery schools, a library, shops, restaurants, a bakery, tennis and children's playgrounds. With more than 200 shops in one place, the Westfield Chodov center is one of the largest shopping malls in the Czech Republic.

In the area where U Školky and V Zatáčce streets meet in Prague's Šeberov, there are lucrative building plots designated for the construction of family homes. Nearby, there are cycling paths, numerous nature trails, and even an asphalt path for inline skating. The nearby Šeberov sports complex offers many sporting activities such as tennis, beach volleyball, minigolf, soccer, basketball, volleyball, and pétanque. Within walking distance is the Hrnčíře bus stop, from which you can reach Opatov metro station in 7 minutes. Therefore, you can realistically get from home to the city center by public transport in 30 minutes, or by car via the D1 highway in 20 minutes.

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