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company profile

The SATPO Company has been active on the Czech market as a developer, investor and provider of services in the field of residential real estate since 1994. It specialises in construction and sale of premium real estate, chiefly in Prague.


All designs, pragmatic construction solutions inspired by the complicated urban environment and final completion, represent the SATPO Company’s signature. Thanks to integration with neighbouring structures the company also takes into consideration the importance of the historic context, while fully respecting modern architecture in combination with social influences. The range of services provided by the company also includes complex real estate and development services for owners of real estate and investments in the field of existing residential real estate. The company also creates attractive opportunities for investors into residential real estate. The professional sales team is an experienced advisor during selection of a new home and offers all services linked to selection, acquisition and financing of housing, arranging sale or lease of real estate, the option of client changes and turnkey interiors, including supplementary services in the pleasant environment of the SATPO sales centre. More detailed information about SATPO.


vision and strategies 

The SATPO Company’s vision is to create "exceptional places for life". The key points of the company’s long-term strategy are:

  • to retain a strong position as SATPO developer of premium real estate
  • to increase investments in the field of existing City Home residential real estate
  • to create attractive opportunities for investments into residential real estate
  • to provide complex real estate and developer services to owners of real estate

our values

  • trust (time tested)
  • professionalism (knowledge and experience)
  • seriousness (reliability and loyalty)
  • long-term value
  • the courage to look for new and non-standard solutions, the effort to see opportunities that others do not see

structure and organisation

The current structure of the SATPO Group is adapted to the requirements of the financing banking institutes. The SATPO Group B.V. parent company is the parent company of holding companies according to the SATPO And City Home brand, with project, financial and servises companies under them. A “single-purpose” company, which is transparent in relation to banks and clients, is always established for every major project. SATPO management, s.r.o. assures complex services related to acquisition activities, project development, preparation and realisation, and sale or lease of real estate with all client services.

SATPO Group B.V., with its registered office at 1083HN Amsterdam, Barbara Strozzilaan 201, Kingdom of the Netherlands, registration number 815445490, is the head of the group, which includes the following controlled persons. This notification is made in accordance with the provisions of Section 79, Paragraph 3 of Act No. 90/2012 Coll., On Business Corporations, as amended.




The SATPO Company is an active member of the ASSOCIATION OF DEVELOPERS, which was established for the purpose of conducting open dialogue regarding the responsible role of developers in the development of modern society and on positive contributions within the terms of the professional and social community. Adherence to strict ethical rules is stressed. The SATPO Company has simultaneously been an active member of the Association for Development of the Real Estate Market (ARTN) for many years. This is a non-profit civic association. Members of the Association are leading representatives of developer, investment and advisory companies, real estate agencies and law firms, banks and other organisations active on the real estate market. The SATPO Company was also a member of the Association of Real Estate Agencies (ARK) for several years, a member of the Czech Green Building Council (CZGB) and a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic (AMCHAM).



SATPO values long-term cooperation with business partners. Below is an overview of the partners, thanks to whom we have implemented a lot of successful projects.

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