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The purchase of real estate is a significant moment in everyone's life, and it is important that this major private investment becomes a pleasant experience. The purchase process is as follows:

• Non-binding oral reservation of the unit is valid for 5 working days.
• Reservation fee of 200,000 CZK is due within 5 days of signing the reservation agreement.
• First deposit of at least 20% upon signing the future purchase agreement.
• Balance of 100% of the purchase price before signing the purchase agreement.

Throughout the entire business relationship, the client is fully supported by a real estate specialist who provides contractual documentation in advance, answers all questions, and presents payment terms. Additionally, assistance with mortgage financing is offered, along with supplementary services from verified partners in the field of interior design.

All legal, financial, and expert advice is provided by SATPO in a pleasant environment at the SATPO client center.


Are you considering homeownership at Laurová Residence? In collaboration with our long-term partner, Hyposervis, we offer mediation and the opportunity to arrange favorable mortgage loans.

Hyposervis aims to simplify, facilitate, and enhance the process of obtaining a mortgage or any other form of housing financing without unnecessary worries and complications.

CONTACT | Veronika Kokštejnová, tel: +420 737 287 478 | e-mail.: veronika.kokstejnova@hyposervis.cz


As part of our client care, we offer a wide range of products and services from trusted partners in the world of interior design and modern living to all significant partners and especially to clients who have purchased property from SATPO and City Home in recent years.

From move-in to furnishing the kitchen, built-in furniture, appliances, curtains, lighting, and much more, you can contact our recommended expert, who will take care of the complete furnishing of residential or non-residential units.

A comprehensive overview of partners and the extent of price advantages and benefits is provided by a real estate specialist from our company.

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