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Most of us stand at a crossroads in life, contemplating how we'll live. For those who opt for a life without compromise, we offer lucrative building plots for sale in the Prague 4 - Šeberov district in the southern part of Prague - Hrnčíře. This location is adjacent to the Prague districts of Kunratice and Chodov. Here, you'll find a place where you'll have space and tranquility, as well as ample civic amenities. Imagine living near forests, meadows, and ponds, while still being within a 20-minute drive from Wenceslas Square.


You have the choice of seven building plots ranging in size from 673 to 1378 square meters, with a building coefficient of 0.3. Technical parameters with detailed information have been prepared for each plot. The price of the building plots includes engineering networks except for gas. Public lighting and completed roadways made of cobblestones are also included.

The final design of your dream home is entirely up to you in terms of construction and layout. The zoning plan allows for the construction of practical bungalows as well as two-story houses with gable roofs.



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4. Q 2023
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4. Q 2024
3. Q 2025
3. Q 2025

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