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SATPO volunteers at the Palata

At SATPO, we believe that helping is right and social responsibility makes sense. The employees themselves chose and arranged a project where they would like to work as volunteers, and the management of our small family business very much welcomed and supported it. Instead of going to the office, SATPO employees went to Palata, a home for the visually impaired.

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We have published new SATPO news

SATPO news summarizes the news and events of several months of our SATPO group.

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Discover quality furniture from Italian masters - ITALIER

In cooperation with the Italier interior studio, we have prepared an extraordinary 10% discount for LIVING club members

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SATPO new spaces for work

We have new colleagues, which is why we have also expanded our office space with several workplaces and two meeting rooms

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Czech BMX Championship 2022

We support sports and the Czech BMX Championship, which took place on the track in Prague - Řepy

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SATPO on T-Mobile run

More than 73,000 runners celebrated Olympic Day on June 22 at the next annual T-Mobile Run in Prague's Ladronka Park, and sports enthusiasts from SATPO also traditionally participated

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SATPO team first at the world triathlon championship

The great SATPO Team won 1st place in the Slovak relay race in Šamorín, Slovakia in the women's category on the 1.9 km swimming, 90 km bike and 21 km running track.

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Meeting on the occasion of the completion of a major stage in construction

On April 5, 2022, we held an informal celebration on the occasion of the completion of the rough construction of two of our residences

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Construction of Residence Kobrova and Holečkova House

Kobrova Residence and Holečkova House - construction is in full swing

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SATPO supports the education of children

In March, graduation of several classes of primary school pupils who completed a financial literacy course within the Junior Achievement Czech program took place in our SATPO showroom.

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SATPO successfully issued public bonds in 2022

The company SATPO finance, s.r.o. belonging to the SATPO group, successfully issued public bonds worth CZK 350 million maturing in 2026

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Humanitarian aid for victims of armed conflict

Today, our company SATPO provided a financial gift to the Czech humanitarian and non-profit organization People in Need

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Swim & smile

At SATPO we swim with a smile led by an instructor

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Real Estate Project of the Year 2021 - Residence Kobrova

The premium residential project Residence Kobrova received an award in the significant development competition Real Estate Project of the Year.

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Investment opportunity in SATPO group bonds

Take advantage of the opportunity to invest in bonds of our SATPO group with an attractive annual return-risk ratio in order to support the long-term growth of real estate activities under the SATPO and City Home brands on the Czech real estate market and refinancing of bonds. The bond issue is a logical continuation of several successful issues.

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Teambuilding in Ellmau, Austria

Ellmau in Tyrol, Austria is a beautiful village with traditional cottages near a large ski area. This is where SATPO employees went for corporate teambuilding.

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SATPO staff meeting on strategy until 2022

After the demanding and successful year of 2021, SATPO employees met on January 21, 2022 in the premises of NODE5 in Smíchov for a regular overview of completed and planned projects.

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SATPO as a professional advisor for students

Within the educational organization Junior Achievement, we are pleased to be a representative of SATPO management, s.r.o. could participate in the 2nd year of the Top Logo competition JA Student companies as a professional judge in the regional round and also in the national jury.

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Construction of the Kobrova Residence - LIVE

Follow current events at the ongoing construction of the Kobrova Residence

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Christmas party and bowling tournament

The Christmas mood is therefore in full swing in our country.

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Lighting of the Christmas tree

On December 6, there was a Santa Claus gift and the lighting of the tree in our showroom in Smíchov.

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