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Last Apartment in the Residence Below Petřín Hill with a Discount of 1,000,000 CZK

Take advantage of our autumn promotion on the last apartment below Petřín Hill, which you can purchase at a lower price until the end of November, and we will also provide you with a voucher for apartment furnishings.

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The tenth annual charity BMX race.

The high participation of athletes and the general public in the anniversary 10th Žendarace event brought an amazing amount of 204,052 Czech crowns for the Pediatric Oncology Center at the Motol University Hospital.

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We support TeamGym in representation

The SATPO foundation fund financially supported the TeamGym gymnastics section from TJ Bohemians for the purpose of producing representative jerseys.

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SATPO also participated in the Teribear charity run this year

The SATPO team traditionally participated in the weekly happening TERIBEAR moves Prague, in which a total of CZK 7,387,460 was collected this year.

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The SATPO foundation fund supported young musicians

The SATPO company financially supported the Song Academy and the music festival in Žďár nad Sázavou on September 13. – 17.9. 2023, at which Prague chamber soloists and foreign artists performed.

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SATPO at the JA Entrepreneurship in Education 2023 conference

On August 30, 2023, the JA Entrepreneurship in Education 2023 conference was held in the headquarters of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, which was attended by a representative of our company as one of the ambassadors within the JA Czech organization.

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Support for teaching financial literacy for children

We have been supporting the teaching of financial literacy in elementary schools for a long time.

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We are selling the last garage spaces and warehouses in the Vitality Residence

We currently have the last garage spaces and warehouses (or cellars) under Prague's Petřín in Prague's Smíchov for sale.

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The SATPO team won two medals in the Olympic run

On Wednesday, June 21, another edition of the T-Mobile Olympic Run took place, which takes place at various locations in all corners of the Czech Republic. Sports enthusiasts from SATPO, as usual, took part in the race, which started at 18:00 in Prague's Ladronka Park.

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JA Czech - teaching and excursion of Parklane students

In our SATPO showroom, on June 9, 2023, the teaching and graduation of students with the JA Czech financial literacy educational program on the topic of BUSINESS took place on the occasion of Career Days organized by the private international school Parklane International School

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We have started a series of trainings in which we want to develop the skills of the management team

In order to work on cementing the management team and speaking the "same language" together, we decided to start training our colleagues. At the same time, we want to use this opportunity to review established procedures, which we often do intuitively, and which, thanks to the correct definition, we can name, mutually understand and at the same time expand with new approaches.

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SATPO supports the DofE education programme

The DofE is active in over 130 countries and helps to inspire millions of young people around the world.

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We support young athletes from the Bikrosclub Řepy club

Sport as a discipline develops character, builds healthy habits and awakens in a person the necessary qualities for life such as endurance, resistance and, in the case of mass sports, also deepens social skills. For that reason, we support young athletes from the Bikrosclub Řepy club.

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The last premium 3+kk apartments in our projects are significantly discounted

The last two apartments with a layout of 3+kk under Prague's Petřín, a few steps from the center of Anděl.

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SATPO Team second in Triathlon Challenge Championship

On May 21, 2023, the World Triathlon Challenge Championship was held in Šamorín, Slovakia, in which, thanks to its nomination from last year, the SATPO Team also competed in the Woman Relay category.

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We hand over apartments to new owners

We are handing over the keys to the new owners in the Residence Kobrova and Holečkova House in Prague 5 and wish them a happy living.

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Holečkova House has also been approved

After the successful approval of the Rezidence Kobrova project, we have already received approval for the Holečkova House project as well.

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A housewarming toast with our partners

This week saw the celebration of the completion of two premium apartment buildings under Prague's Petřín.

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Residence Kobrova successfully approved

On the southern slope below Petřín and a few steps from the center of Smíchov, the premium project Rezidence Kobrova was completed.

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SATPO 11 years with the Good Angel Foundation

SATPO has been a proud partner of the Good Angel Foundation since its inception. We participated in the annual meeting of financial partners, founders and members of the supervisory board.

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The last free commercial space in the Vitality Residence

The last commercial space of 358 m2 in the Vitality Residence, awarded Best of Realty 2018

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