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we support and help

The SATPO Company has supported the Dobrý Anděl Foundation in the Czech Republic from the time it was established. This foundation helps families with children where either a child or a parent is suffering from cancer and this illness has caused them financial difficulties. Find out more information about this foundation at www.dobryandel.cz.

We have also supported the Junior Achievement educational programme for several years. This programme is devoted to children of pre-school and school age who are actively involved in classes. Within the terms of our collaboration children from the Bumble Bee private nursery school, the Parklane international school, Prague British International School, Cesta k úspěchu primary school in Prague 6, Lvíčata ČVUT primary school, Petřiny primary school and Hostivice primary school have graduated and been awarded the “young economist” certificate. More information at www.juniorachievement.org.

In the past the SATPO Company has also supported:

  • Naše dítě (Our Child) Foundation which helps mistreated, abused, handicapped, endangered and abandoned children
  • Purple Heart Association for premature babies worldwide
  • Duke of Edinburgh Foundation
  • Pomoc popáleným (Help for burns victims) Foundation
  • Kapka naděje (Drop of Hope) Foundation for helping children
  • Mirabilis, civic association in support of assistance services

As well as long-term support, the SATPO Company also contributes within the terms of one-off financial donations to selected subjects in the field of education, art, culture and sport, for example the BMX Řepy bicross club, the ELAB Team, which trains children for the triathlon, Green Tree Monkeys, which specialises in mountaineering for children and the Child safety in town project, etc.

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