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Residence Sacre Coeur 2 - Prague 5

The Sacre Coeur 2 Residence became the only Czech project to become a finalist in the Best Residential Property category in the MIPIM AWARDS 2017 international real estate competition. This is a very prestigious award of world importance. The residence with a horseshoe floor plan with six entrances has a total of 6 floors. Eight lofts are located on the first two floors, another 72 apartments 1+kk to 6+kk occupy the third to fifth floors and there are five penthouses on the roof of the building.

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Residence Sacre Coeur - Prague 5

The Sacre Coeur Residence won the main prize of architects in the prestigious Real Estate Project of the Year 2012 competition for the Prague 5 region. The total capacity of the building is 103 housing units in the category from 1+kk to 5+kk.

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Residence King´s View - Carlsbad

The King’s View Residence won an award in the prestigious BEST OF REALTY 2010 competition. Residential project consists of two buildings with 50 modern units with an area from 51 m2 to 148 m2 and has its own reception on the ground floor. Units are individually designed from 1+kk to 4+kk.

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Residence Jeseniova - Prague 3

Jeseniova residence consists of 4 apartment buildings with a total of 149 residential units of various sizes, from studios to 4+kk (from 44 m2 to 120 m2) with balconies, terraces or gardens.

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Rezidence Švédská - Prague 5

Rezidence Švédská won the prestigious Best of Realty 2011 award in the Residential Projects category. Rezidence Švédská consists of three residential buildings, which are architecturally harmonized into one unit. There are 7 spacious luxury housing units with the character of family living.

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Residential house Nad Vyšehradem - Prague 4

The Pod Vyšehradem residential house is located in an interesting and urbanized area. It offers 54 above-standard housing units on an area of more than 4,000 m2.

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Residence Na Malvazinkach - Prague 5

Residential project Na Malvazinkach prepared by SATPO with complete documentation for the sale of an external investor. It is an elegant housing with high quality processed residential concept. The selection of a total of 68 residential units with area ranging from 38 m2 to 172 m2 with balconies, terraces and gardens.

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Residence Lumirova - Prague 2

The nine-storey house was built in the gap between the existing historic buildings in Lumírova Street. It has thirteen luxury apartments and two duplexes measuring from 99 m2 to 128 m2.

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Arranging the sale and rental of real estate

Here you will find an overview of selected properties that present mediation of sales or rentals for apartment owners in residential projects of the SATPO group. The great advantage of using our services is that we know the property down to the smallest detail and we have a wide database of potential clients.

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Svatoslavova Apartments - Prague 4

Two maisonettes apartments 4+kk (147 m2) and 3+kk (136 m2) were built in Svatoslavova Street. On the upper floors of both apartments are galleries with a winter garden and bedrooms with terraces (11.1 m2) overlooking the greenery.

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Reconstruction of the house Preslova - Prague 5

The Preslova Apartments residential residential project represents a limited offer of five spacious attic apartments, which have a layout of 3+kk and 4+kk with an area from 88 m2 to 109 m2.

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Na Rokytce Apartments - Prague 8

The Rokytka project was completed in the spring of 2002 in the Liběň district of Prague. As part of the project, six new housing units were built and a brick apartment building with a lift was reconstructed. The offer included apartments on the 6th and 7th floors of various layouts from 83 m2 to 107 m2, some with a terrace.

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Reconstruction of the house Pod Slovany - Prague 2

Complete reconstruction of an Art Nouveau house from the early 20th century. As part of the reconstruction, an elevator was built, the roofs and all wiring were replaced. During the reconstruction, all historical architectural elements were consistently preserved. The layout of the apartments is from 42 m2 (1+kk) to 164 m2 (maisonettes 4+kk).

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Residence Pod Krocinkou - Prague 9

The residence in Prague 9 - Na Klíčově has 4 above-ground and 1 underground floors. The house has 27 residential units, from which there are beautiful views of the Prague skyline and the nearby residential area. The design was supplied by the Křivinka architectural office (AKK) and was implemented in 2003.

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Reconstruction of the house Londynska - Prague 2

Complete reconstruction of a house in Londýnská Street with a built-in elevator. In addition, two attic apartments of the highest standard with a beautiful view of the historical center of Prague were built.

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Reconstruction of the house Korunni - Prague 2

The Art Nouveau apartment building in Královské Vinohrady near náměstí Míru and Riegrovy sady was completely renovated. Two new attic flats with a high standard of construction were built.

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Reconstruction of the house Loretanska - Prague 1


The historic house in Loretanska Street 106/23 has undergone a complete reconstruction. The building has historic cellars, a restaurant and offers a total of seven exclusive and luxuriously equipped apartments.


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Sinkulova Apartments - Prague 4

For the construction in Sinkulova Street, the architect used the opportunity to reduce the slope of the roof in the rear wing of the house, where enough space was created for 5 attic apartments, some of which are in the category of maisonettes with a terrace and a gallery.

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Ostrovskeho Apartments - Prague 5

The apartment building in Ostrovskeho Street, thanks to its layout, enabled the installation of five attic flats in the 2+kk and 3+kk categories. The overall solution and implementation of the project certainly does not meet the high European demands on housing, which mainly increases the beautiful view from the terrace.

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