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ARCHITECTS AWARD 2021 for the Kobrov Residence

On January 25, 2022, the results of the "Real Estate Project of the Year 2021" competition in individual categories were solemnly announced. SATPO won the ARCHITECTS AWARD in the Prague 5 region for the submitted Kobrova Residence development project.

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Best of Realty 2018 - Rezidence Vitality

Our development project Vitality Rezidence (Schindler Seko Architekti) won 3rd place in the Smaller Residential Projects category at the awards ceremony of the 20th year of the prestigious Best of Realty competition.

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MIPIM Awards 2017 - Rezidence Sacre Coeur 2

The Sacre Coeur 2 Residence became the only Czech project to become a finalist in the Best Residential Property category in the MIPIM Awards 2017 international real estate competition.

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Public Award 2015 - Rezidence Sacre Coeur 2

At the end of the Real Estate Congress hold on 9th of November 2015 there were announced the results of the Czech Real Estate Award. The company SATPO won the award for the residential project Sacre Coeur 2 as of the prize of the Public Award at the Prague 5 region

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Expert Jury Award and Public Award 2014 - Rezidence Sacre Coeur 2

At the end of the Real Estate Congress hold on 3rd of November 2014 there were announced the results of the "Czech Real Estate Award 2014' and the company SATPO won two awards for the residential project Rezidence Sacre Coeur 2 as of the Prize of the Professional Jury and the Public Award at the Prague 5 region.

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The Prague Post - Best Real Estate Agency 2012 - SATPO

Every year The Prague Post readers and editorial staff choose the best that the capital city has to offer in various spheres. SATPO was declared “Best Real Estate Agency“ of the year 2012. 

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Architects Award 2012 - Rezidence Sacre Coeur

The results of the “Real Estate Award of the Year 2012” contest were declared at the Realty Congress 2012 on 1 November 2012. The company SATPO was awarded the Architects Award of the Prague 5 Region by the professional jury for its development project of the Sacre Coeur Residence.

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Best of Realty 2011 - Residence Švédská

The company SATPO was awarded the first place for the project of the Švédská Residence in the prestigious contest “Best of Realty 2011”.

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Best of Realty 2010 - Rezidence Královská vyhlídka

The Karlovy Vary Rezidence Královská vyhlídka project was nominated in the category of residential projects in the prestigious "Best of Realty 2010" competition and won the Media Partners Readers' Award.

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