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Rezidence Laurová, with its location, layout, and offered services, represents a modern and active lifestyle. Its prestigious facilities and quality amenities, along with provided services, bring everything you expect from exclusive living, ensuring lasting value and long-term satisfaction.

SKY TOP rooftop terrace

Thanks to the SKY TOP rooftop terrace with lush greenery, you can additionally relax outdoors with views of Peacock Hill or Vyšehrad. Equipped with a kitchenette, WC, and seating area, residents can host gatherings with family or friends. Moreover, SKY TOP extends the overall green area, not only through the inner block but also via the rooftop structure. From the perspective of Peacock Hill or Vyšehrad, it integrates well and harmonizes with the rooftop landscape in distant views.


Under one roof, you have access to 24/7 reception services, parcel storage, and a prestigious room for work or social meetings – you'll remain independent to the extent you desire.

The enclosed inner block, exclusively for residents, will be adorned with greenery, while relaxation zones will offer seating. Within the private park, a dedicated area with paved surfaces will be available for sports activities.


The benefits of living in Laurová Residence with all the comforting details far exceed the investment in premium living. Examples include higher ceiling heights, recuperation, preparation for air conditioning, access control chip system, CCTV system, audio-video communication system, high-speed internet access, entrances equipped with GSM gate and license plate reader, and the entire building is wheelchair accessible.

Parking spaces, designated areas for strollers, bicycles, and scooters, as well as a cellar for each unit, are standard amenities.

According to the client's taste and requirements, client changes and variant upgrades are possible, which are ensured from the very beginning by a specialist in layout arrangement and interior design. In collaboration with trusted partners, changes can be made within the residential or non-residential unit according to the needs and desires of the client.

Welcome to your new home!

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