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When you took receipt of a residential or commercial unit you also received a handing over document, which contains all the information about your rights and duties when using the unit and the common areas. If you have any operating queries do not hesitate to contact the representative of the management that takes care of the residences.

The owner of the unit applies warranty claims on the basis of defects electronically by using the My SATPO client zone. The owner receives a log-in name and password on the day the residential unit is handed over.

We believe that you made the best choice of new home and we hope you enjoy living here.


112 emergency telephone number
158 Czech police
150 fire brigade
155 emergency medical service

840 111 112 malfunctions of the water supply
PVK, a.s. – Prague water and sewerage

1236, 224 912 473 malfunctions of the electricity supply
PRE, a.s. – Pražská energetika (Prague power supply company)

1236, 224 912 473 malfunctions of the gas supply
PRE, a.s. – Pražská energetika (Prague power supply company)

724 310 111 emergency services


In the event of urgent repairs (emergency) immediately call the emergency services number specified by the building manager. If you call emergency services and they find that a repair was not necessary, i.e. urgent, the manager will subsequently invoice you for the costs for calling out this service. Recommended specifications of urgent repair situations:

Electricity – if there is sparking or short-circuiting in the electricity supply

Water mains – burst or otherwise damaged pipes, if the water can only be stopped by closing the main water valve to the unit, or possibly on the main rising pipes, which means that the toilet cannot be used and there is no drinking water, then the problem is urgent.

Sewerage – if the sewer has been blocked, disconnected or otherwise damaged and there is a risk that the residential unit or the common areas will be flooded, then the problem is urgent.

Heating and hot water: if the pipes, the radiators or radiator valves in the unit or common areas have burst or become disconnected and there is a risk of subsequent damages, then the problem is urgent.

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