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The building plot for the construction of a family villa is located in the Prague 5 district, in the Šmukýřka area, on the northern slope descending towards the Motolský stream valley. The plot has the shape of an irregular triangle, bordered by Nad Turbovou Street and an unnamed pedestrian street. The lower part of the plot is flat and connects to the neighboring plot with a sports field. The plot itself has a sloping character with mature and overgrown greenery, and there are no heritage trees present.


The total area of the plot is 882 m2, with an elevation ranging from 272 to 279 meters above sea level. According to the current Municipal Zoning Plan (Územní plán HMP), the plot is located within the functional area OB and is designated for development. It is situated in a protected heritage area. Part of the plot along the northern side, adjacent to the unnamed pedestrian street, includes the original fencing, which is a shared part with the sports field and public lighting poles. Similar fencing is also present along Pod Turbovou Street. Public engineering networks are laid out along Nad Turbovou Street.


The envisioned plan for the family house is based on a volumetric study and is merely an ideational construction proposal. It respects the established street spaces and the building line of Nad Turbovou Street.

The main entrance to the villa, as well as the entrance and exit for cars, is designed with a sidewalk crossing directly from Nad Turbovou Street. Due to the sloping character of the plot, the design of the family villa is intended to provide maximum privacy in the social zone. This area includes the living room and kitchen, which are located on the floor below the driveway level. This design ensures direct access to the pool and garden.

On the floor above the parking spaces, there are rooms with views towards the eastern and northern directions of the capital city of Prague. A guest room, study, or space for fitness and relaxation can be completely separated in the lowermost part of the design with direct access to the terrace and garden. The ideational plan for the family villa offers views and maximum privacy in the quiet part of the plot.

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