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Residence Laurová is situated between Radlická and Na Laurové streets in the municipal district of Prague 5 - Smíchov. It is a unique and sought-after area where nature intertwines with seamless transportation, amenities for sports, shopping, and social life. It offers a peaceful environment for relaxation while also providing excellent access to the city center and other important locations in the capital.


The location offers excellent transportation accessibility by car as well as public transport to the historical center, the Prague Ring Road, and the international airport. It boasts a complete range of civic and cultural amenities, including healthcare, hairdressers, beauty salons, massages, local grocery stores, and the highly popular Nový Smíchov shopping center. In close proximity, there are both public and private educational institutions of all levels, as well as countless opportunities for leisure activities for all age groups. Nearby attractions for walks or trips include Paví vrch Park, Santoška and Sady na Skalce gardens, Prokopské údolí valley, and Smíchov embankment.

Residence Laurová represents modern and timeless living in the heart of Prague with all the advantages of city living. For preliminary inquiries or a non-binding presentation, feel free to contact our sales team.

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