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The SATPO Company provides a range of professional real estate services. It has over 25 years of experience in dealing with all phases of appraisal of real estate, development, planning, management of construction, to successful sale and assurance of management of real estate.

If you are the owner of a BLOCK OF FLATS, a DEVELOPER PROJECT or BUILDING PLOT for residential development and are considering sale or have information about interesting opportunities, please contact our acquisitions department.

In relation to appraisal of all real estate our experienced team executes an objective analysis, taking into consideration evaluation of the current situation and future development, the potential for development on the real estate market, analysis of the local market and assessment of the suitability of location of the investment, evaluation of competitive projects, analysis of sales prices and determination of the optimum price for the specific project, for the purpose of successful acquisition.

A basic condition for this analysis is to identify critical problems in the early phase of project planning and development, before purchase.


Make your dreams about the ideal place to live come true and discover the wide range of opportunities from our partners’ offer of services. Any owner of any residential or commercial unit from SATPO residential projects can become a member. Please contact the representative of the LIVING Club if you are interested.


Home is the most important place for every person. We spend most of our time here, we meet with family and friends here, we have fun, are bored and many of us also work at home. If you decide to collaborate with us, we will help you transform your idea of your dream home into something concrete, even before realisation actually begins.

Make use of our extensive knowledge and many years of experience in modification of layout, we are very familiar with the layout of each apartment and therefore also its potential.

We consider a personal approach and flexibility very important and we accommodate our client’s ideas and requirements when executing proposals for client changes. We will move the architectural study into the next phase of the project, according to which your ideas will be realised and your flat will be adapted to your wishes.

We are familiar with the newest trends in interior design, we use trusted contractual partners who use the most modern technological procedures for subsequent realisation, always with regard to our budget and primarily to your full satisfaction.


We regret that the client zone is not operational for the purpose of applying claims through Moje SATPO at this time. Please send all your claims related to the residential unit to reklamace@satpo.cz or info@satpo.cz. We will enter your claim into the system by hand, the entire process for settlement of your claim will be carried out on time and in the proper quality. Thank you for understanding.

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