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The residences are located in Prague 5 in Holečkova ulice in the Hřebenky residential district, next to Kinsky Gardens, a few minutes walk from Petřinský vrch, Malá strana and Prague castle. You can read your morning newspaper with a cup of espresso just a few steps away at the nearby coffee shop, then cross the bridge to reach the National Theatre a short distance away from Charles Bridge. During the day you can relax in the nearby Kinsky Gardens or at Mozart’s refuge on Bertramka. The Nový Smíchov shopping and entertainment centre will provide you with any other services you need.

Make use of all the benefits the city offers you! You don’t have to drive a car, you can use the public transport system or walk, because it is YOUR CHOICE! The H Plus Programme health clinic is just a few metres from your home, just like the 5* Nový Smíchov shopping and entertainment centre. You can relax in the Sacre Coeur Park and fitter residents can go for a run in Petřín Gardens or at Ladronka. This excellent location guarantees the long-term investment value of your home as a legacy to future generations.

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