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The architectural design of Holečkova House is based on existing urban structures and offers flats and commercial areas of the highest standard. The height continuity of the building maintains the rhythm of the existing parts of the residential block and its architectural design is inspired by modern trends, with a well-thought out layout and emphasis on final completion. The layout of the commercial areas and residential units forms a harmonically designed unit and everything is designed for a timeless and modern appearance.


Holečkova House uses all materials and textures to create an environment that combines artistic and optimistic concepts. Glass, concrete and other suitably chosen materials, as well as fresh execution of the exterior in light tones, with surrounding greenery, respects nature and revives organic awareness.

The generous and pleasant welcome begins in the entrance area to Holečkova House. There is an open and uninterrupted reception zone linked to a pleasant lounge area on the first floor. The large-format windows create a representative, peaceful and gracious area of premium quality intended for socialising or relaxing. It essentially gives pleasure to everyone entering or leaving the building.


Is it possible to obtain an abundance of light and space in the interior when this is rare in a city? The entire decision-making process when designing Holečkova House was governed by this question and the answer is elegant and ingenious. This is demonstrated by the cascade terraces by two flats, each of which is on a separate floor, the large-format fitted windows on each of the commercial floors, the spacious lobby, wall-to-wall heating and emphasis on sunlight. The overall layout is aimed towards the general satisfaction of residents and respects the key elements of life - calming and energising the mind, body and spirit.

Holečkova House offers modernists with a passion for traditional concepts office areas and housing in a premium residential district sought out by solvent clients. The requirement of high standards will be satisfied by modern technologies and timeless architecture and design.


The reception connected to the neighbouring residence, with a wide range of offered services, assures not only the comfort of residents. The entire first floor of Holečkova House is devoted to commercial needs, a generously arranged lobby invites visitors to relax and engage in social life, like the entrance area to the building, which is furnished with benches and greenery.

A sufficient number of parking places and cellar space are a matter of course. The option of outdoor parking, an environment with wheelchair access, modern technologies and the high standard of household furnishings represents a permanent value and a guarantee from the aspect of long-term investment.


You can find information about the reservation fee, individual payments and financing options HERE.

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3. Q 2016
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1. Q 2019
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4. Q 2019
1. Q 2020
2. Q 2023
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2. Q 2023


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