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As a multifunctional building Holečkova House is connected to the Sacre Coeur2 Residences and is located on the southern slope below Petřín in Prague right next to Sacre Coeur Park, between Holečkova and Kmochova streets. The view from this building is in the direction of the Neo-Romanesque Monastery of Saint Gabriel dating from 1891. The peaceful inner courtyard with greenery offers a magnificent view of the historic centre of Prague.

Everyone who walks from the busy centre of Nový Smíchov through the peaceful Sacre Coeur Park will begin to feel like he is living in a small town, which is one of the many appeals of this location. You will find artists and bohemian individuals, as well as successful business people, fashion boutiques, art galleries and pop-up stores, bars, etc. here. All sorts are essentially capable of living side-by-side here. An excellent mix of retail shops and restaurants serves the local community and offers comfort and prestige.

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