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The peaceful and simultaneously active centre of Nový Smíchov in the Prague 5 city district can boast not only a high number of parks and green spaces, which include the Sacre Coeur Park, Kinsky Gardens and Petřín Gardens, but also a dense network of shops, restaurants, coffee shops and the popular farmer’s markets. You can choose from a great number of fitness clubs, sports grounds, swimming pools and playgrounds for leisure time activities. A varied range of well-known theatres, cinemas and other cultural facilities provide the opportunity for cultural activities. There is also a wide range of options in the field of education and public and private healthcare services and clinics.

For people who love Bertramka, Kinsky Gardens or the Sacre Coeur Park, this villa district below Strahov, with beautiful views of the centre of Smíchov, means a short journey from work back to the family environment and the opportunity for sports and cultural activities throughout the week. The area is within reach of the historic centre of Prague and also Vltava River, whose banks are made for walks and provide plenty of opportunities for inspiring and interesting activities. The Prokopské údolí nature reservation or Velká Chuchle are interesting destinations for family outings and will surprise you with the range of activities possible. It is up to you to choose from the very extensive range on offer in Prague 5.

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