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We are now offering the last free commercial space of 358 m2 with a discount of CZK 2,000,000 when buying or renting six months free in the premium Residence Vitality, awarded Best of Realty 2018. The combination of the nature of the residence and the location in which it is located represents an ideal investment opportunity with targeting to the premium segment.

The space is suitable as a showroom, for services in the field of health and body care, a shop, a goods outlet, a representative place for financial or legal advice, a veterinary surgery, etc.


The business space is immediately available in shell & core condition. As part of the final completion, our company offers professional services and a wide selection of partners from the world of interior design within the LIVING club, legal and financial advice is a matter of course.


Vitality Residences presents a completely new standard of comfortable living with a wide range of provided services, which will fulfill all expectations changing over time according to individual needs and wishes, regardless of age and future state of health. This is a unique “residences for seniors” project. It is located in a peaceful location on the southern slope below Petřín right between the modern Sacre Coeur2 Residences and the Sacre Coeur Park in the centre of Prague, a few steps from the Anděl – Nový Smíchov shopping and entertainment complex.

Vitality Residences offers 50 residential units with a floor area ranging from 44 to 154 m2 and layouts including 1 room + kitchenette, 2 rooms + kitchenette and 3 rooms + kitchenette with balcony, terrace or front garden with flower borders, situated so that they receive sufficient sunlight, provide beautiful views and also maintain and fully respect each resident’s privacy.

As well as the basic services, which include 24/7 reception and services related to security and building management, Vitality Residences also offers a broad range of leisure-time activities with an extensive programme of household services and home healthcare. Clients can individually arrange their own range of personal care and provided services in addition to the basic range of services intended for all residents. If you choose a new home at Vitality Residences you will be prepared for any situation and will never have to move again.


The Vitality Residences project combines the advantages of residential housing with all the attributes of a welcoming home. It tells a tale worth reading. You can choose to live life to the full or in peace, simply as you like. This investment into high-quality housing will exceed your expectations.


Vitality Residences offer housing of the highest standard for everyone who wants to enjoy a high-quality and dignified lifestyle reflecting their wishes and needs. The wide range of equipment and social facilities intended exclusively for residents will underscore your unique lifestyle.


The reservation fee is payable within 5 days from the date of signing the Reservation Agreement in the amount of CZK 200,000 including VAT.

The first installment in the amount of 10% of the purchase price (minus the reservation fee), including VAT, is due within 5 days from the date of signing the Agreement on the conclusion of the future contract on the transfer of the unit.

The additional payment of the purchase price of the selected property, including VAT, is due before signing the Contract on the transfer of the unit.


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