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The Kobrova Residence project is located on the southern slopes below Petřín, just a few steps from the centre of Smíchov. This is where the summer residences of wealthy Prague residents were located in the middle of the 19th century, between the straight rows of grapes in the vineyards, tended fields and orchards. Today it pulses with the life of the city and this residential district utilises its potential in the centre of Prague despite all the changes as a result of construction of Strahov Tunnel.

Kobrova Residence is based on the existing urban structure. They are a compact addition to the block and adapt to the rising terrain and differences in elevation between the neighbouring buildings with a design that has the last two floors stepped away in the direction of the falling terrain. It has loggias and terraces on the 6th and 5th floors.


Kobrova Residence consists of 7 above-ground and one below-ground floor. This project offers a total of 15 units with a layout from 1 room + kitchenette to 5 rooms + kitchenette. The representative entrance is on the ground floor from Grafická ulice and the interior of the inner courtyard is used for parking due to the sloping terrain.

The first floor contains one residential unit and six studios, which are distinguished by their spacious terraces in the peaceful inner courtyard. There are typical floors with two residential units on the 3rd to 5th floors. The last two floors are receding and are created as generous family housing with a terrace and loggia on separate floors. The entire building is designed to have wheelchair access.


The architectural design represents the ideal combination of functionality, elegance and a timeless appearance and emphasis is placed on the high quality of final completion. The composition of the form, material and colour gives a peaceful and neutral impression. The large-format windows and sunlit terraces draw the peaceful urban living space into the interior of each residential unit.

The great advantage of this new build is the greenery in the inner courtyard. This concerns roof gardens in combination with spacious terraces in front of the entrances to individual residential units, which creates a peaceful place for relaxation.


Kobrova Residence offers a practical and functional arrangement of flats of a high standard, which are designed to suit the 21st century life-style. The residential units represent a number of innovative design concepts, each area is designed to supply the same amount of elegance and functionality.


You can find information about the reservation fee, individual payments and financing options HERE.

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2. Q 2017
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1. Q 2019
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2. Q 2023


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