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Real Estate Project of the Year 2021 - Residence Kobrova

The premium residential project Residence Kobrova received an award in the significant development competition Real Estate Project of the Year.

On January 25, 2022, the results of the "Real Estate Project of the Year 2021" competition in individual categories were solemnly announced. SATPO won the ARCHITECTS AWARD in the Prague 5 region for the submitted Kobrova Residence development project.

This exceptional residential project excels in conceptual solutions for residential units on the ground floor, which have beautiful terraces with a garden in a quiet courtyard. On the upper 4th and 5th floors there are separate housing units with large terraces and amazing views of the center and the courtyard. The layout meets the highest standard, of course there are large windows, ensuite bathrooms, entrance locker rooms, utility room and quality finishing materials.

In the words of one of the authors of the Rezidence Kobrova project, Jan Schindler, from Schindler Seko Architects: "The Kobrova Residence is the last striking stone that we are preparing in this locality and which closes the overall figure of this locality."

The Kobrova Residence consists of seven above-ground and one underground floor. There is a choice of 1+kk studios and housing units with a layout of 2+kk to 5+kk with a high standard and final completion. The residence is situated on the southern slope below Petrin Hill, in a quiet residential area near the Sacre Coeur Park, the Benedictine monastery of St. Gabriel and Kinský Gardens. In the immediate vicinity is the historical part of Prague 1, which includes Újezd, Malá Strana and Prague Castle.

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