Purchasing and selling properties are exceptional moments in our life. Our goal consists in making this significant private investment a pleasant experience on the side of both the selling and the purchasing party.

We value every opportunity, we are aware of the individuality and uniqueness of every client. We invest in promotion and advertizing, modern technologies and reference system and we utilize a vast database of enquiries for quality living in extraordinary places. Professionalism, discretion, consulting and guarantee in selling properties are the elements of our corporate policy. 

We are particular about personal approach and flexibility, we try to meet the requirements, expectations and claims of our clients by providing them with superior service. We observe the ethical code and the business terms and we give our clients certainty and personal care during all the time of cooperation. We value the trust gained and we consider customer satisfaction to be the result of our quality cooperation.


Our SATPO Sales Team offers swift approach and quality and professional services, having all the expert background for all the parties in purchasing and selling properties. 

  • professional inspection and assessment of the market price of the property
  • elaboration of a professional presentation of the property
  • targeted marketing, using a wide portfolio of the SATPO clients
  • making use of a quality network of external sales force
  • comprehensive legal service and guarantee of a safe business transaction
  • personal care of a sales consultant during all the business relationship
  • tax advice


We communicate with our clients actively and we always try to offer living that meets their ideas and financial possibilities. We react to their needs flexibly and we are a partner with a high level of services provided, to which belong:

  • consulting on choosing a property, finding out needs and expectations,
  • selection of a suitable property,
  • elaboration of an offer and expert recommendation,
  • technical and financial assessment of the property,
  • comprehensive legal service and consulting,
  • arrangement of financing a property,
  • personal care of a SATPO sales consultant during all the business relationship,
  • recommendation and consulting in the sphere of after-sales service.