Make use of our rich knowledge and many years of experience in editing the layout. We rely on a personal approach and flexibility, we meet the ideas and requirements of our clients in the design process.


Home is the most important place of each person. We spend most of our time here, we are dealing here with family and friends, we talk, we get bored or have a lot of work. If you decide to cooperate with us, we will help you your idea of a dream to transform housing into something concrete, even before actual implementation commences.

  • during the first consulting session with you we will assess whether the flat unit chosen meets your needs and the requirements of superior living
  • we will answer various questions of yours, such as: “Will the furniture I need, e.g. a dining table for six persons, a desk, an upright piano, a large bed or a sufficient number of wardrobes fit into the flat? Is the kitchen spacious enough for an American refrigerator? Is it possible to add a shower or a bidet into the bathroom?”
  • we will design an efficient use of space in accordance with ergonomic requirements, we will plot your requirements into an understandable plan in the form of an architectural study
  • we will discuss the design elaborated and submit the final version of your new home
  • we will assess and recommend the scope of necessary client changes and the need for construction modifications
  • we will submit price options, which will assist you in decision-making
  • we will hand over complete documentation and the valuation of the design approved for execution


We will move the architectural study to the next phase of the project, according to which your ideas will be realized and your apartment will be adapted to your wishes.

  • we will make use of our extensive experience with the execution of bespoke interiors
  • we will address experienced and proven craftsmen and companies
  • we will provide the valuation of the interior design
  • we will keep an eye on the quality of the execution of layout adjustments
  • we will push your ideas and interests until the execution of construction adjustments and final assembly of furnishings
  • we offer one guarantee for all work performed


We are well informed about the latest trends in interior design. We use proven contractors that utilize the most advanced technological procedures for subsequent execution, always to your full satisfaction and keeping in mind your budget.

  • we will recommend and, based on consultation with you, choose suitable contractors for turnkey interior execution down to the material and colour design, lighting and overall layout in order to achieve the atmosphere expected
  • we will submit and assess price quotations submitted by contractors
  • we will see to your interests until the final execution of the whole interior of your flat