In accordance with the construction schedule of the Sacre Coeur 2 residential project, on Tuesday, March 29, 2016, the final inspection of the construction took place as part of the building approval procedure in Prague 5.

After issuing the building permit, which is proof of the permitted purpose of using the building, SATPO invited a representative of METROSTAV to a festive toast with a rich feast. "I am very pleased with the result of the approval. I would like to thank the entire team, not only from the SATPO company, but above all everyone from the METROSTAV company. I firmly believe that we will continue to complete all final work in accordance with the schedule and that clients will be able to take over their housing units according to plan and with all satisfaction, "said the director of the technical division of SATPO, Ing. Robert Pavelka.

Rezidence Sacre Coeur 2 is an architecturally unique apartment building that meets all the requirements of contemporary modern architecture. Amazing views, top standards, airy architecture, security and respect for privacy, all this is offered by this exclusive new building with a horseshoe floor plan and six entrances. Generous commercial spaces, a total of 109 parking spaces and cellars, will be located on the two underground floors. In the six above-ground floors, Sacre Coeur2 offers a choice of three different types of residential units in a price range from 2.9 million to 34 million crowns. In addition to a limited offer of 8 lofts, also 5 luxury penthouses and 72 apartments ranging in size from 1 + kk to 5 + kk with gardens, terraces and amazing views of the historic center of Prague. All housing units have a traditionally high standard of finishing, separate living areas from private, full-area heating, air conditioning and ensuite bathrooms. Sacre Coeur2 standards respect the purity of design, functionality and the reputation of the supplier. The common areas and the surroundings of the Sacre Coeur2 building will be guarded by a camera system and on the ground floor, at the entrance to the building, there is a non-stop reception with a butler.

The architectural design follows the existing Sacre Coeur Park and the continuing Kinský Garden, giving prominence to the visual axis leading to the neo-Romanesque monastery of St. Gabriela from 1891 and creates an urban space "square" giving way to the busy Holečkova street. The connection between the two parks is supported by the calming of the existing Grafická street. The new building on the southern slope below the residential area of ​​Hřebenky, a few minutes' walk from Kinský zahrada, Nový Smíchov and Ústorský Újezd, will restore the locality to its glory, recultivate and at the same time complete the surroundings, becoming a natural landmark of this locality.