On the occasion of the laying of the FOUNDATION STONE during the construction of the Sacre Coeur2 residential project on 28 May 2014, a ceremony took place directly at the construction site. On this day, together with our guests, partners and also personalities from the professional public, we celebrated the official start of construction.

The introductory speech was given by the executive director of SATPO, Mr. Ing. Tibor Mikóczi, then the architect Ing. Jan Schindler from Schindler Seko Architects and Director of Division 9 of METROSTAV, Ing. Petr Zabsky. An informal meeting with the media took place in the afternoon, where not only the presentation of this treasure among the apartments took place, but also a tour of the building.

There was a generous feast, live music of pleasant tones performed by the solo musician Josef Snětivý throughout the day. On the way home, guests also received little attention from the Volcano Health Fitness & Spa, the Program H Plus private clinic and the CHOICE magazine on architecture and new trends in the world of living and lifestyle.