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We've just finished a fantastic autumn team-building event that tested our ability to collaborate

This year, we had the opportunity to experience a unique team-building event at the Cinda restaurant on the Císařská louka. Besides enjoying good drinks and food, we could demonstrate how well we work together as a team.

Companies emphasize collaboration, communication, and the ability of a team to efficiently work towards a common goal. Therefore, our HR department arranged a team-building activity for us, involving the creation of a so-called large chain reaction. This activity not only provided entertainment but also became a challenge and an opportunity for collaboration for all approximately 45 participants from various departments, including senior management.

At the beginning of this activity, teams were tasked with exploring simple machines randomly assigned to them, as well as various items they could use at their discretion. Each team then set out to construct their own mechanisms, which later had to be interconnected to work as a single unit. The goal was to create a chain reaction that, once set in motion, would successfully run through each part without further intervention from us until the end. This culminated in the symbolic release of a balloon, confirming that we had properly tuned each part. Therefore, there was no room for heroism; instead, meticulousness was required, and mechanisms needed thorough testing. It was also important to collaborate with neighboring teams and agree on how to connect the various parts together.

After about an hour and a half of dedicating maximum effort to preparing our chain reaction, we decided to test our plan in action. Although it didn't work on the first try, requiring a little divine intervention, on the second attempt, we managed to initiate the chain reaction without a single interruption from start to finish. The euphoria from a job well done through teamwork was truly immeasurable.

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