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We support young athletes from the Bikrosclub Řepy club

Sport as a discipline develops character, builds healthy habits and awakens in a person the necessary qualities for life such as endurance, resistance and, in the case of mass sports, also deepens social skills. For that reason, we support young athletes from the Bikrosclub Řepy club.

This year, in Bikrosclub Řepy, we financially supported not only the traditional charity race ŽendaRace, which will take place in the fall, but also two other events for children and youth:

25/03/2023 - OPEN SEASON 2023
13 - 14 May 2023 - KING OF PRAGUE / CZECH BMX CUP

In advance, but all the more cordially, we invite you to this year's 10th anniversary race ŽENDARACE 2023 in support of children's oncology at Motol Medical Center, which will take place on October 21, 2023.

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