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We support the programs of the Duke of Edinburgh International Prize of the Czech Republic

We support young people on their way to success.

The Duke of Edinburgh International Award (DofE) was established in 1956 by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, husband of Queen Elizabeth II. and it is a global non-formal education program that offers equal opportunities and the development of the potential of youth here and around the world, regardless of their skills, abilities or social background. The program develops and supports perseverance, diligence, determination, overcoming one's own limits and challenges, and in social responsibility and volunteering.

We are very happy that the DofE program is successful in the Czech Republic and that last year over 4,400 young people in more than 300 educational organizations, mainly primary and secondary schools, joined the program in large numbers. Financial donations help build and grow the DofE Social Fund, which supports disadvantaged children and young people in difficult situations. In 2022, it was over CZK 790,050, to which we also contributed on behalf of the SATPO company, because we believe that this kind of support makes sense.

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Our company City Home offers affordable housing units, commercial premises or also warehouses and offices in the center of Prague and its immediate surroundings.

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