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We have started a series of trainings in which we want to develop the skills of the management team

In order to work on cementing the management team and speaking the "same language" together, we decided to start training our colleagues. At the same time, we want to use this opportunity to review established procedures, which we often do intuitively, and which, thanks to the correct definition, we can name, mutually understand and at the same time expand with new approaches.

In cooperation with our managers, during the initial training meeting, we defined the areas in which we would like to further educate our team and planned the dates of various trainings until the end of the year. We have workshops tailored to develop exactly what colleagues need.

Participants can also take advantage of an hour-long additional coaching, during which they can consolidate the acquired knowledge even more, or, on the contrary, focus on areas that have proven to be more difficult to grasp, or have more significance for a specific person and his work. These things can be discussed personally with the lecturer, who can then personally assess how successful it is to put new skills into practice, or even give advice on things that are more complicated.

The first was project management training focused on investment managers and other colleagues who are in charge of complex management of our projects. During it, in addition to absorbing theoretical lessons, which were interesting to compare with our experienced procedures, they also completed practical tasks. During the two-day training, we had the opportunity to try building a mountain resort, even if only from LEGA, which made the whole training more interactive.

We are currently planning negotiation training for the acquisition center. There are continuous training sessions focused on internal systems or professional knowledge. All this with the aim of further developing, advancing and helping us and our colleagues to be better.

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Our company City Home offers affordable housing units, commercial premises or also warehouses and offices in the center of Prague and its immediate surroundings.

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