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We are a proud member of the Family Business Network Czech

We have become a member of FBN Czech, which is a branch of the prestigious worldwide association of family businesses The Family Business Network International, which unites 4,000 families from 65 countries and their 16,000 family members.

Family Business Network Czech was founded in 2016 by leading Czech family companies such as Crocodille, HOPI, Kofola, NWT, Renomia and Siko. It is a non-profit organization whose goal is to support and develop medium-sized and large Czech family companies across generations.

We are very happy that as a family business we can be part of a community of successful Czech and international family companies, which brings together family members across generations and allows the transfer of experience of thousands of family business members from around the world.

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Our company City Home offers affordable housing units, commercial premises or also warehouses and offices in the center of Prague and its immediate surroundings.

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