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The SATPO team won two medals in the Olympic run

On Wednesday, June 21, another edition of the T-Mobile Olympic Run took place, which takes place at various locations in all corners of the Czech Republic. Sports enthusiasts from SATPO, as usual, took part in the race, which started at 18:00 in Prague's Ladronka Park.

A few minutes before its start, after the great heat, the sky turned black and there was a heavy downpour with gusty winds. Nevertheless, the sky later cleared and the competitors hit the track in much more pleasant weather than they had probably hoped for.

In addition to the record participation, when almost 20 people took part for SATPO this time, the race was decorated with two medal positions. Congratulations to our colleagues Dagmar and Báře for winning medals for second place on the 10 km course and third place on the 5 km course in their categories.

Every year, the event commemorates the international Olympic Day, i.e. the founding of the International Olympic Committee, and it is the largest running event in the Czech Republic.

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