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The SATPO foundation fund supported young musicians

The SATPO company financially supported the Song Academy and the music festival in Žďár nad Sázavou on September 13. – 17.9. 2023, at which Prague chamber soloists and foreign artists performed.

The Song Academy and Music Festival is a unique educational program with an intensive content of teaching and artistic output over the course of five days. The program took the form of a masterclass and workshops led by leading world personalities in the fields of classical singing and piano collaboration. It also included the development of the personality of a performing artist in the field of psychology and physiology.

The award ceremony of the Gustav Mahler festival also took place as part of the program. The lessons and all the concerts took place under the excellent organizational leadership of the acclaimed pianist, MgA. Johanna Haniková, president of IPASA (International Performing Arts Support Association) in the castle and castle grounds in Žďár nad Sázavou. This academy supports the unification of the musical and textual components in the perspective of singing and piano, when in the final concert the participants of the program present a comprehensive concept of the chosen repertoire.

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