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The new project Residence Laurová is now for sale

Residence Laurová combines modern architecture and elegant design in the heart of Prague's Radlice district. Every detail is meticulously thought out, with careful consideration of harmony with the surrounding environment. Discover a living space that respects the past while embracing a modern lifestyle.

Residence Laurová is a modern residential complex with a basic height of six floors, harmoniously blending into the environment of Radlická Street. One of its five sections has been locally raised by two floors, respecting the lighting requirements of neighboring buildings. Advantages include higher ceiling heights, recuperation, preparation for air conditioning, an access chip system, a camera system, an audio-video communication system, high-speed internet access, driveways equipped with a GSM gate and license plate reader, and the entire building is barrier-free.

The residence offers apartment units ranging from studio apartments to five-bedroom apartments, with sizes from 31 to 204 square meters, featuring balconies, loggias, terraces, or front gardens, as well as commercial spaces ranging from 34 to 226 square meters.

Parking spaces, a designated area for strollers, bicycles, and scooters, and a storage room for each unit are standard features. The ground floor houses seven commercial spaces and one non-residential space. On the roof, there is a communal rooftop garden called SKY TOP and the building's technical facilities, contributing to a higher quality of living and the aesthetic value of the building.

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