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SATPO volunteers at the Palata

At SATPO, we believe that helping is right and social responsibility makes sense. The employees themselves chose and arranged a project where they would like to work as volunteers, and the management of our small family business very much welcomed and supported it. Instead of going to the office, SATPO employees went to Palata, a home for the visually impaired.

The Palata home in Prague's Smíchov was built in 1893 and is located in a beautiful English park that is open to the public, has 3 hectares and only one permanent garden. So most of our volunteer SATPO team got down to mowing, weeding, mulching and considering there were over twenty of us, we got a lot done. Several colleagues also attended to the clients of the Palata home, whose average age is around 80 and they like to chat.

We are looking forward to going to Palata again in the fall, when we need to rake the leaves, and in the future we will return regularly and help, because we know it is important. If YOU would like to get involved, contact Mrs. Drúzová, who coordinates volunteer activities in the Palace.

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