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SATPO also participated in the Teribear charity run this year

The SATPO team traditionally participated in the weekly happening TERIBEAR moves Prague, in which a total of CZK 7,387,460 was collected this year.

Our SATPO team ran a total of 759.9 km, which brought an additional CZK 15,198 to the collection, and we placed 91st overall out of 688 registered teams. During the entire week, all participants covered a total of 369,373 km, which the partners of the event turned into more than 7 million crowns intended to help abandoned children.

There were a total of 24 people in our team, the best kilometer collector for us was Dagmar with 148 km, and only a few kilometers less were accumulated by the gentlemen from the IT department, Ondra (132 km) and Jirka (106 km).

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