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Residential building plots for sale

In everyone's life, there comes a moment when we must decide which direction to take. For those seeking a life without compromises and wanting to combine the tranquility of nature with the convenience of the city, we have a unique offer of lucrative building plots in the Prague 4 – Šeberov district, specifically in the Hrnčíře area.

If you aspire to combine living in nature with the convenience of the city, investing in building plots in the Hrnčíře area of Prague could be the key to your dream home near forests, meadows, and ponds, while still being only a 20-minute drive away from the center of Prague.

The plots, ranging from 673 to 1378 square meters, have a buildability coefficient of 0.3. The price includes complete engineering networks - connections to sewage, water supply, and electricity, which the investor will build by the end of 2025. Additionally, new roads and public lighting will be constructed. The design of your dream home is entirely up to you. The zoning plan allows for the construction of practical bungalows as well as two-story houses with pitched roofs.


Thanks to the recent construction of family homes in the area, this location offers pleasant living with a rich range of amenities, including primary and nursery schools, a library, shops, restaurants, bakeries, tennis courts, and playgrounds. The surrounding area offers cycling paths, nature trails, and even an asphalt track for inline skating. The Šeberov sports complex nearby provides a wide range of sports activities, from tennis and beach volleyball to mini-golf and soccer. The Westfield Chodov center, with over 200 shops, represents one of the largest shopping complexes in the Czech Republic.




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