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New Year's Meeting of FBN Czech Members

On January 18th, the New Year's meeting of the Family Business Network members took place at Prague Castle, attended by the owners of our investment group SATPO.

The program was more than interesting. A significant guest, Mr. Louis de Schoerlemer from the 8th generation of owners of VILLEROY & BOCH, shared his family story and experiences. There was a lecture and panel discussion on the topic of Harmony in Family Business, followed by a guided tour of the Castle and networking combined with a buffet dinner at the Šernbernský Palace. You can learn more here.

Membership in the non-profit organization Family Business Network enables the exchange of experiences among family businesses supported by the expertise of Czech and foreign experts. Exceptional meetings on relevant topics for owners of member family businesses, family members, and the next generation support the development of medium-sized and large Czech family businesses across generations.

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