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Kobrova Residence - Press Conference

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In October 5th, 2017, an informal meeting was held on the occasion of introducing a new development project, Rezidence Kobrova, in our SATPO sales center. In addition to presenting the project with the participation of Schindler Seko Architects, guests have the opportunity to see an exhibition of artwork, design glass, look for newly finished lofts and a luxurious Italian interior. Rich snacks and delicious chocolate tastings have created a pleasant atmosphere and there was also no gift of attention and inspiration from the world of modern living.

On the 5th of October 2017, an informal meeting was held in the morning on the occasion of the introduction of a new development project Kobrova Residence in our sales center SATPO in Residence Sacre Coeur 2, at Holečkova 3331/35, 150 00 Prague 5.

The introductory speech was made by the Executive Director, Linda Krasová, who briefly introduced to our dear guests from the world of media and business partners our company and current residential projects, mentioned the successful second wave of new bond issue and last but not least shared the success of Sacre Coeur2 Residence, which became a finalist in the Best Residential Project category in the international competition MIPIM 2017.

The main topic of the meeting was the festive performance of Residence Kobrova with the participation of the authors of the project, Mr. Ing. Arch. Jan Schindler and Mr. Ing. architect Jiri Prokopce from the Schindler Seko Architects studio, who joined the sales department sales manager Irena Houžvičková. The opening ceremony of the Art Exhibition from the Latin Art Gallery and the glassimo exhibition glassimo gallery, combined with rich refreshments and delicious chocolate tastings (www.cokolada.cz) created a pleasant atmosphere. Part of the program was a tour of newly finished lofts at the Residence Sacre Coeur2, which featured a small example of a luxurious Italian interior from the DIVA HOME studio and an interior by designer architect Ivanka Kowalski.  Guests have taken home not only inspiration from the world of modern living and trends of interior layout, but also a ticket to the world of carefree days to use free concierge services from Unique Concept.

Attached here is a press release on Rezidence Kobrova and a small presentation.

Kobrova Residence - Press Conference

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