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JA Czech conference

The representative of the SATPO company, Mr. Ing. Vlastimil Zýka, together with our long-term cooperating JA mentor, Ing. Jindra Sýkorová, participated in the JA Entrepreneurship in Education 2022 conference on August 23, 2022.

The JA Entrepreneurship in Education 2022 conference was organized by the educational organization JA Czech under the auspices of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. The program was accompanied by Mr. Martin Smrž, executive director of JA Czech, and the participants had the opportunity to meet mentors, graduates and partners who prepared interesting lectures and panel discussions.

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The City Home Company offers affordable housing from 1 room + kitchenette to 5 rooms + kitchenette in the centre of Prague and the surrounding areas, it also offers commercial areas for lease and cellars for sale. As well as offering real estate for sale and lease, the company also provides services such as brokering sale, legal, financial and expert consultancy, including supplementary services, such as insurance of real estate, moving services, etc.

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