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Investing in commercial space pays off

Inflation is currently a hotly debated topic, as is the question of where best to invest money so that it does not lose its value in the long term. There is talk of residential real estate, cryptocurrencies, bonds, etc. However, one type is neglected, and that is commercial real estate.

Real estate agencies and developers offer enough to rent, but not to buy. While this is an investment opportunity comparable to an apartment unit, the initial investment in interior layout and equipment is similar. The big advantage of commercial premises is that, compared to an apartment, companies or tenants move into them for long-term leases, they often finance the final interior modifications according to their ideas and are able to pay a higher deposit or increase the guarantee.

Another big advantage of buying commercial real estate over apartments is that completed units, especially in developer projects, have not seen price increases in recent quarters. First there was the covid pandemic and now there is a war in Ukraine. Apartment prices are rising, but commercial real estate prices are mostly not. However, rents are rising with inflation for both apartments and commercial space. So there are many advantages to investing in a purchase, especially when some commercial premises are offered with a price incentive or a financial contribution towards the final completion.

SATPO is currently offering the last commercial space of 358 m2 in the Vitality Residence, awarded Best of Realty 2018, for sale with a discount of CZK 2,000,000 or a six-month rent-free period. It is located in a residential area below Prague's Petřín, within walking distance to OC Nový Smíchov by the Anděl metro station. Commercial premises are suitable as a showroom, shop, product outlet, representative space for financial or legal advice, health and body care services.

Contact us to arrange a tour on +420 702 205 205 or by e-mail prodej@satpo.cz.

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