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This week, dated on 16th of April 2015, the SATPO company formally ended most important stage of construction of a residential project Sacre Coeur2. General contractor, Metrostav Ltd, successfully managed to lift a so-called. "bridging" steel structure over the Strahov tunnel. This is a totally unique and technologically unique rarity worldwide of the construction industry.

Structurally the bulk of the construction of multifunctional building located directly above the body of Strahov tunnel is divided into three separate expansion units. South and north wing of the building consists of a steel structure that bridges the tunnel structure and transfers the load to the surrounding buildings. Selected structural system is  designed and built above it  and it will allow to built in the residential units, which is now underway.

The gala meeting was welcomed by the SATPO CEO, Ing. Tibor Mikóczi, a few words about this project was said by the Sales Manager, Mgr. Lubos Králíček, and detailed information about the actual construction was presented directly by the Site Manager of the Metrostav Ltd, Division 9, Mr. Ing. Luke Brezina. During the meeting, guests had the opportunity not only to look at the building, but also to see the stunning views of the historic center of Prague.

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