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HOTYOGA - SATPO after hours

To discover the power of effective breathing techniques, to improve immunity and lung capacity, SATPO employees accepted such an invitation to the HOTYOGA studio and set out to stretch the body and relax the mind, discover the power and magic of unconventional yoga at Prague's Flora.

On September 8, 2022, an informal event was held for the employees of our company, this time they went to the prestigious HOTYOGA42 studio in Prague 3 - Flóra to stretch their bodies and relax their minds. The founder and owner of the studio, Petra Daňhelová, personally introduced the studio and revealed the uniqueness and advantages of the HOTYOGA42 studio tailored to clients. An example can be the original pieces of clothing for yoga and leisure time under the brand Danhelwear or the quote: "in each class you gain as much confidence, confidence and faith in yourself as you allow yourself to give."

A nicely heated hall, prepared mats, towels, water and an XS drink guaranteed a quality exercise class, and on the way home there was also a gift as a thank you for the visit.

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