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Holečkova House has also been approved

After the successful approval of the Rezidence Kobrova project, we have already received approval for the Holečkova House project as well.

The second of our premium projects under Prague's Petřín is also approved as of April 19, 2023. Apartments will now be handed over for both projects. We wish all clients who have decided to buy an apartment in these projects to find here a real home and a truly extraordinary place for their life.

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The City Home Company offers affordable housing from 1 room + kitchenette to 5 rooms + kitchenette in the centre of Prague and the surrounding areas, it also offers commercial areas for lease and cellars for sale. As well as offering real estate for sale and lease, the company also provides services such as brokering sale, legal, financial and expert consultancy, including supplementary services, such as insurance of real estate, moving services, etc.

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