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Gift full of interior design

As part of client care, our SATPO company, in cooperation with the MARTHI DESIGN hand over a gift voucher to all Sacre Coeur2 residents as a Birthday Gift.

As part of client care, our SATPO company, in cooperation with the MARTHI DESIGN hand over a gift voucher to all Sacre Coeur2 residents as a Birthday Gift.

Marta Šliperská, known under her pseudonym Marthi, has been a sought-after designer for design and realization of interiors with exclusive textile decorations, wallpapers, carpets, bedding and interior accessories. Marthi is renowned for its vast sense of detail and the ability to understand and meet the demands of even the most demanding clients. Her team has been crafted for years by craftsmen - wallpapers, seamstresses, upholsterers, locksmiths and carpenters. The pillar is its own, fully equipped Atelier, where substances are processed for individual projects

The birthday voucher can be used in the Martha showroom at the New Living Center where you will find a huge number of samples of fabrics, wallpapers and exposition of unique Ethnicraft furniture. More information at www.marthi.cz.

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