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From 10 September 2020, the charity event "Get Moving with TERIBEAR" took place and we as a SATPO company were part thereof again. With our kilometres, we supported the project TERIBEAR, which helped the disadvantaged children.

In reaction to this year’s emergency situation marked by the pandemic COVID-19, one specific place had been left and it was helped virtually by using the running application. As part of the SATPO teambuilding in South Moravia, we also contributed to by the hiking tours. The happening finished once CZK 10,000,000 have been raised by mean of which the participants donated to the Tereza Maxová Foundation. Our SATPO team run in total of 326.9 km, which amounted to a total contribution of CZK 3,269.

We are already looking forward to the next year´s happening. 

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Our company City Home offers affordable housing units, commercial premises or also warehouses and offices in the center of Prague and its immediate surroundings.

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