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Commencement of construction of Holečkova House and Residence Kobrova

On the occasion of the start of construction, on December 17, 2020, we organized the ceremonial laying of the FOUNDATION STONE of the residential projects Holečkova House and Rezidence Kobrova.

During the ceremonial meeting, the distinguished guests were welcomed by a short speech by the project director of SATPO, Ing. Jiří Dvořák. Subsequently, the architect of both projects, Ing. Jiří Prokopec from the office of Schindler Seko Architekti and also Petr Šimon, who is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the construction contractor Hinton, a.s. From 2000 to 2007, Petr Šimon worked as a project manager in the Skanska Group and managed a number of important projects, such as the construction of the large Sazka arena. For the last three years, he has worked at Skanska as the director of the Czech Plant in the Civil Engineering Division.

"Finding a construction supplier for both of our development projects was not easy, and we appreciate the cooperation with Hinton, as, which started construction of both buildings on November 30, 2020.", says Jiří Dvořák, project director of SATPO, and continues: " The new buildings are the last part of the overall revitalization of the gap in the place of the original First Republic development, which was created thanks to the construction of the Strahov tunnel, they will become a natural part of this attractive Prague location, as is already the case with the Sacre Coeur Residence, Sacre Coeur2 and Vitality Residence projects. "

The development projects Holečkova House and Rezidence Kobrova are located on the southern slope below Prague's Petřín, in close proximity to the Sacre Coeur Park, between Holečkova, Kmochova and Grafická streets. The view axis of Holečkova House leads to the neo-Romanesque monastery of St. Gabriela from 1891 and to the residential quiet green courtyard, which is common to both new buildings.

The architectural designs of both residences are based on the existing urban structure, the elaboration is inspired by current trends and the height continuity of the houses keeps pace with the existing parts of the residential blocks.

Both new buildings offer housing units of a high standard, the upper floors offer beautiful views of the historic center of Prague. Great emphasis is placed on the logical layout, selected materials, modern technology and high quality of final completion represent the premium character of the buildings, lasting value and a guarantee in terms of long-term investment.

Living in the Holečkova House residential project and in the Kobrova Residence is intended for all those who appreciate walking proximity to the historical center of the capital city of Prague and at the same time seek peace, relaxation and an active form of rest near the greenery. The current offer of vacant housing units is available here.

Ing. Tereza Tomšů
+420 702 205 205 | +420 296 336 900

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