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Building plot for the construction of an apartment building for sale

Sale of land for an investment opportunity for the construction of an apartment building with an area of 596 m2 at Družnosti street, Prague 4 - Nusle.

The company SATPO offers for sale a building plot, plot number 2556/2, with an area of 596 m2 in the cadastral territory of Nusle for the construction of an apartment building in the residential part of Prague 4 - Nusle. The land is offered with an architectural study for an apartment building, which has two underground floors and 6 above-ground floors. 19 parking spaces are planned in the basement of the building. The total planned gross floor area of the apartment building is 1,851 m2.

The study was positively discussed with the Department of Territorial Development and the Department of Historic Preservation. The land is accessible from a public road and has all utility networks available. The land is located in a multifunctional area with a functional use of OB - purely residential. It is a stabilized area used for housing.

The subject of the sale is a special-purpose company (SPV) owning the land, 100% of which is the seller.

The detailed presentation is HERE.
Price on request.


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