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Autumn team building

The unconventional company teambuilding was a combination of a walk with stops on the Smíchovská navlavka and in the Yellow Spa, and cooking together under the baton of Ondřej Slanina at the Chateau St. Havel.

The unique neo-Gothic Chateau St. Havel, near the center of Prague, is the home base of Ondřej Slanina's cooking school. In several teams, we prepared a total of 4 courses, which we also ate. We learned how to prepare grilled salmon with vegetables and herbs in papillota, pork tenderloin in garlic and parsley with Criolla salsa, beef steak with parsley chips and port wine sauce and for the sweet spot we prepared grilled pineapple with vanilla cream and toasted coconut. Professional chefs helped us with everything, the event was beautifully prepared and we really enjoyed it.

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The City Home Company offers affordable housing from 1 room + kitchenette to 5 rooms + kitchenette in the centre of Prague and the surrounding areas, it also offers commercial areas for lease and cellars for sale. As well as offering real estate for sale and lease, the company also provides services such as brokering sale, legal, financial and expert consultancy, including supplementary services, such as insurance of real estate, moving services, etc.

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