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A housewarming toast with our partners

This week saw the celebration of the completion of two premium apartment buildings under Prague's Petřín.

On the occasion of the successful approval of our projects in Prague 5, representatives of the construction company Hinton, a.s., designers from the AED Project, a.s. office, representatives of the SATPO company, and the participation of the studio Schindler Seko Architekti, s.r.o., met at the Kobrova Residence.

All guests were welcomed with a short speech by the development director of SATPO, Ing. architect Václav Plánský, together with our project manager Ondřej Machek, who thanked everyone for the excellent cooperation. We are glad that we were able to meet informally like this at the end. In addition, in the premises of Rezidence Kobrova, in the implementation of which everyone successfully participated and to celebrate the completion of both Rezidence Kobrova and Holečkova House in this way at least a little.

Check out the last available units in Residence Kobrova and Holečkova House.

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